Novice book pay attention to love Shanghai encyclopedia see essence through the phenomenon

Three other products:

love Shanghai Encyclopedia has good ranking advantage as everyone knows, a lot of Shanghai dragon Er that because love Shanghai itself have added to their love, not what special. The fundamental purpose of the iceberg today will be from the following questions about the analysis of search engine.

doubts: love is the love of the Shanghai Shanghai Encyclopedia of their products, so

what is a proper noun? For example, China and People’s Republic of China, both is a meaning for us, but the former is used more widely, and the latter is normative, the latter is a proper noun. For an independent website, if one is "Chinese" website, a "People’s Republic of China" website, then the latter is easier to understand the user, so in this case, the search engine will also love Shanghai website or self identification information he built, proper nouns are self website so, the ranking will be higher than other sites (including the love he built Shanghai Encyclopedia).

second, the question answering system is conducive to increasing.


it is easy to refute, not only love Shanghai Baike have very good ranking in Shanghai love SERP, but also in the noble way, baby, have a good ranking in Bing, although the ranking is not ideal in soso and Yahoo SERP, but it can also be seen in major search engines on the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love or favor.

doubts four: why the proper noun website ranking than love Shanghai Encyclopedia of

wondering why love Shanghai ranked as the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love

doubts two: love Shanghai encyclopedia rankings is good because there are powerful within the chain of

ranking is good?For

search engine’s intention is to let users search to get the results you want, simply, somewhat similar to the question answering mechanism, so love Shanghai know, YAHOO knowledge hall, Iask, quiz platform rankings are in front, in addition to love Shanghai also has added the question answering system with care website. Well, the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love and what is the relationship between question and answer? Love is actually the Shanghai encyclopedia Q synthesizer, and it passes through the effective answer specification, so it is more in line with the user’s search needs. This is the love of Shanghai encyclopedia ranked ahead of other love Shanghai products is one of the important reasons.

love Shanghai Encyclopedia has powerful within the chain, but other Wikipedia also has powerful within the chain, and the chain wiki encyclopedia encyclopedia Wikipedia is not necessarily better than the poor. But why Wikipedia encyclopedia rankings common front? One important reason, based on trust in authority. This is like a baby on the definition of RP as noble, noble baby PR10 in front of PR9 is the absolute authority, not only in value by 1.


analysis from the above four points, we can see from the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love,


first, based on the demand of information, but also to have integrity.

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