Then how to quickly increase the chain of love Shanghai


my original website outreach rarely, added a lot of check yesterday. Most of them are the signature of the chain. Part of it is because I have a habit to sign the webmaster forum every day, then reply to recent posts. This chain is recently left, some articles are not published a long time ago, because I was without the site’s signature, now take on, wait until the update, all have. So you have to take a high level, experienced grade is through the post and reply to, these are the premise.

note: the quality and stability of the signature of the chain are not as good as the first, and the second thing I said to you before there is enough accumulation can, no more than the signature is not much of the chain.


third, not sure, I do not advise you to give up.

: the first submission forwarding chain

have found that many of the chain are not your own? Especially some quiz website, information publishing platform.

A5 support, 贵族宝贝hzgszcw贵族宝贝 small owners welcome paizhuan.

third: to easily collect the website

first novice no experience is best not to use, how good.

Thanks to


note: these foreign chain is very messy, the weight is not high, it is difficult to guarantee the quality, is not stable, often seen before are collected outside the chain of the past no later.

: you have to do is pay attention to combat the psychological preparation, and failure is not one of you, we are all grown up in failure.

second, with K, please do be prepared, and want a good remedy.

tool chain

a lot of people want to start, the rapid increase of the chain. The chain is to accumulate, it can rapidly increase? I can tell you, really can.

second: high level forum signature chain

many people have used tools, once I also very much like trying to bring the fast tool, but not always. Then use the super chain tools of Lu Songsong’s evil brush others sites, did not feel a great effect, for my small sites outside the chain is the increase in the number of possible points, but their site outside the chain was more, the increase is not what.

submission is very easy to get outside the chain in the webmaster website, because there are many people in N reprint your article, met with a conscience, will retain a link to you, so you don’t have to post their hard. But the quality is absolutely awesome.

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