The website title and description of the optimization method

title and description, try not to use special symbols too much, but do not often change. No matter what the station, the first to do the planning, do every step of the arrangements. If you set the keywords and title, the website was pastebin. This website then keywords adjustment, will make the site into the yarn box, or to be included in the list of sites that do not trust. Description on the website title as the center, with a three hundred and sixty degree rotation mode, with one or two simple words, can be described.

nothing to do today, on several stations were analyzed. Find some station keywords and description are as like as two peas. However, some stations have high weight, so the top, and new ones because weight is too low, so in addition to the vast sea station. We need most is a good ranking, only the higher ranking will flow, but also will high income. So to get a good ranking, you need to have a good beginning, also is the page title and keywords website description. The same site, the same content is very wide. Each article is the relevant search results or keywords, has reached hundreds of thousands or even more. So we want to own site in this talent shows itself in the sea, to do what others do not see.

we said that under the title, the title can be divided into "the title page, list page title, page title." The title of the page. For example "webmaster nets will be on the admin5贵族宝贝 website | webmaster webmaster information and service center" which is the title page, simple and direct description of the central theme of the site. Some will use the wrong way, for example: "webmaster webmaster website | service platform" wrote although very simple, but the meaning of the expression is the first segment and a difference of thousands of miles. The first title to simple to describe the specific meaning of the website, such as what services or information, etc.. List page title. Generally refers to the title of a column page page, this kind of thought to remember the title of the title of the page background. From the site as a whole, will cause the website to confuse, reduce weight. The content of the page title, popular talk is the article page title "we only need to update the usual site, in the title to add related homepage or list page title keywords can achieve optimal results.


for each web page from a different title and description, whether it is the choice of popular words, or hot words. Should pay attention to key words and describe other people’s writing. Here you do not promote plagiarism, but with different style >


title and description to contain the website main keywords and side main keywords. Keywords avoid excessive accumulation, but not up to the effect we want, like business, do not care about you to do more widely, but in which you do fine hand. Although the sina贵族宝贝 page is Sina, and the content page can also be arranged in each of the top keywords. It is because ZhengZhan weight is high, so the content page sometimes than other new ZhengZhan ranking should.

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