Meet Vapor Waif and the Dankest Skylanders of My Imagination

first_img Will Amiibo be the Last Toys-to-Life to Die?Nintendo Amiibos will be compatible with Skylanders Stay on target Skylanders Imaginators doesn’t get nearly as much attention as it deserves. It’s the first Skylanders game that lets you make your own Skylander instead of using premade characters. It’s also a Nintendo Switch launch title. You still have to use toys (Imaginite Crystals, which look like little Mother Brain containers), but you can come up with your own characters. You can use dozens of different parts, and mix and match color palettes as much as you want. If you really like your creation, you can even have it 3D-printed into your own ($50) Skylanders toy.Activision provided us with Skylanders Imaginators and let us 3D print our own Skylander, and we used this opportunity very responsibly.Ladies and gentlemen, meet Vapor Waif. She fits our aesthetic.She’s sealed inside the big plastic dome because full-color 3D printing uses a sandstone-like material that’s hilariously brittle. She’s also a bit… beefier than her in-game counterpart. Still, I love the look. She’s the vanguard of my army of the World’s Dankest Skylanders. Yes, this is foolish.Vapor WaifThe leader of the Dankestu no Skylanders Zaibatsu. She fits our aesthetic, with eye-smashing teal, indigo, and hot pink colors on marble bust-like pale skin. She’s a Wind Sentinel, so she slings the hottest ambient electronic tunes with her trident.Lit A.F.Vapor Waif’s second-in-command, the loyal robot Lit A.F. He’s a Fire Sorcerer, so he can throw fireballs, put up flame walls, and dish out the hottest takes. For example all 2D side-scrolling games are bad. That isn’t my take; it’s Lit A.F.’s. And my coworker Buzzi’s, who you can contact at [NO. – ed.]Mech TonightTake the beloved McDonald’s mascot Mac Tonite, which is surprisingly easy when you color the banana head white to look like a crescent moon. Give him sick robot arms and let him punch things. I give you Mech Tonight!Dan CastmemeDankest meme! You get it? Do you get it? You get it? Get it?Bong HitBong Hit is the tank of the group, a heavy hitting Earth Smasher in bright green plate armor and wielding a huge hammer. He’s called Bong Hit because his massive bucket helmet makes a loud bell-like “Bong!” sound every time he gets hit. Also, weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed.The Skeleton In You Right NowI don’t want to freak you out, but you should know this. There’s a skeleton inside you right now. There are skeletons in all of us. Every day we’re surrounded by skeletons hiding in meat clothing.last_img

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