The Best of the Worst Geek Costumes for Halloween

first_img 1/11Joke’s on youThe worst geek costume that broke the internet, truly this abomination will be hard to top at any Halloween party this year. Like a majestic train wreck, one cannot pull their eyes away from the mysteriously pink Photoshopped pecs, tantalizing dead stare of the model who is giving it his all for the camera in this costume. Suicide Squad Joker, what fury hath thy wrought to mine eyes. 1/11Doge of deathMuch stare. Very scare. Wow. This creepy doge mask will bring the meme-world to its knees, one gasping breath of rubber at a time. 1/11Chewbacca your face offOk, so this one is kid’s sized, but the nightmares we will experience from it for the rest of our lives is giant-sized. Be Chewbacca in this terrifying plastic mask and wig combo, and don’t forget about the strangely enormous yeti feet! 1/11John CenaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaOkay, this one is half terrible, half awesome, so it makes the list. John Cena rules, and so does this awkwardly puffy muscle shirt designed to absorb the punches of all the bros who will be excited to fight with you when you wear this out on Halloween. At least the wrist warmers printed on the sleeves help breakup the skin colored shirt from your hands. A for effort! 1/11BB-8 coffinIf you truly hate your child, you will put him or her in this BB-8 death trap. Stare deep into the eyes of horror of this child model’s face that was clearly Photoshopped onto the front of the costume. There is no escape from the sphere of death. 1/11Human GarbageThere’s nothing quite like dressing yourself up like actual muppet garbage to make the night go well. Another kid-pleaser costume, the truly devastated face on this model seems accurate for what is happening on this fuzzy tube of hell. So like, Oscar the Grouch ate you and you are slowly being digested? Why is there a worm on Oscar? Is that always there? Where does he keep his paper and pens to make signs to put on the garbage can? Is the sign attached with bolts? So many questions, so few answers on this Hallow’s eve. 1/11Groot bein’ GrootIn what has to be the laziest way to scare young children, this strange foam mask and long sleeve shirt that doesn’t even cover your hands or neck pairs excellently with regular mom jeans. Believable enough after a few beers while shouting “I am a sad Groot!”, we suppose. 1/11Pixel your face offWe are sure there is a hole for your face somewhere on this costume, but this website will be damned if they show you anything but the back of the costume. At least, we think this is the back of the costume. Unless this guys arms are on backwards. Anyway, be prepared to be the most generic pixel ever this Halloween in this cube of terror. 1/11Ash in plasticHoly cow, we had no idea they stil did those plastic mouths with the tony mouth hole for kids! Turns out that the plastic mask industry is alive and well, and pumping out Ash the Pokémon trainer costumes for generations to come. Those things always rendered me half blind, as the eyeholes cut into the mask only ever managed to give one of my eyes sight, but not the other. Gotta catch ’em blind! 1/11Michael Bay’s HoodieErr, we mean Bumblebee. Let’s just not try at all this Halloween, and toss on this yellow abomination with a hood. While you will look absolutely nothing like the transforming car of our youths, perhaps the Autobots symbol on your chest will at least elicit one “Oh hey, you’re that yellow car from that movie” on your Halloween night. 1/11Angry BurbOh my. The tantalizing round shape. The squiggle of hair up top. The armholes placed slightly too low to have use of your arms. This costume really does have it all. We are sure your kids forced you to wear this, but we appreciate that you threw your pride in the garbage for one night of glory. Is this horrifying enough for you? Let us know which costumes are your best of the worst in the comments below. We are prepared to be spooked.All costumes available at Wholesale Halloween Costumes. Stay on target Gone are the days of the simple “ghost in a bed sheet” and “witch with broom” costumes of Halloweens past. Here to stay are costumes that will double as embarrassing memories for the rest of our lives in our futile attempts to show off our wit and fandom to our friends.Well, what fun would that be if we also weren’t poking fun at our own fandom? Amaze, entertain, and horrify your friends this Halloween with our roundup of the best of the worst costumes for geeks this Halloween season.You can click on any of the photos for a link on where to buy!center_img <> Jordan Peele’s ‘Us’ Becomes Universal Halloween Horror MazeLife-Sized Jabba the Hutt For Sale on Craigslist for $100 last_img

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