The Preacher panel at SDCC was frickin insane

first_imgThursday night at 6:30 PDT, fans of both the Preacher comic book and the TV show gathered in Hall H for a panel that was probably the most Preacher thing that could have happened in Hall H.It kicked off with a live read for the latest episode by Dominic Cooper, Ruth Negga, Ian Colletti, Joseph Gilgun, Evan Goldberg, Kevin Smith, Danielle Panabaker, Graham McTavish, Jason Mantzoukas, and narrated by Seth Rogen.How am I going to tell you about it? Well, as Kevin Smith said when Rogen narrated a scene in which The Cowboy unfurled a flag and a dozen severed children’s heads rolled out, “That’s so f*ckin’ metal.”I didn’t need to see anything to know that there was a lot of blood. The repetitive “Blams” from Rogen as he narrated the teaser would have given it away if he hadn’t gone on to describe the carnage. Thankfully he did because the script reads like a graphic novel. In a very cool way.The next few lines are non-sequiturs because a) note-taking is not my forte and b) the story was good and I kept getting lulled into listening. They also showed act 5, so I was pretty much engrossed, but here are three things that will make sense when you watch.Bye, Miles.“Awwwwww” moment with Jesse and Tulip.Welcome to the Cowboy’s story.When the lights came back up, Panabaker and Mantzoukas were gone, Garth Ennis was on the panel, and Kevin Smith took on the moderation. He started with an impassioned reaction. He liked it. He really really liked it. You know how Kevin is when he likes things.Amidst the gushing, Smith dropped a few pieces of news; Preacher has been given a second season, the Blu-Ray/DVD comes out in October, and a new show called Talking Preacher debuts after the season finale on July 31st.Fans have been split on the format of the show and the fact that it doesn’t keep specifically to the comics, but we learned that Seth and Evan initially pitched the show as an issue per episode format. Garth Ennis is the one who suggested ways to enhance the story and still keep the spirit of it. Given the issue to possible episode ration, he knew reminded them that it wouldn’t time out beyond a season and a half and helped them work on a way to extend the show and to make the best TV show whether your audience has read the comics or not. Ennis is thrilled with how it turned out.The trailer was next and it looks good, y’all.When asked what he felt when he was offered the role, Dominic Cooper confessed that he was initially scared because he’s a fan and understands the fan base and their dedication to the original material. But he said he was and desperate to do the role and he’s loved playing the character. He said that it’s been wonderful that they’ve gotten to go back and learn more about the characters. Watching the show, he realized he’s much more unlikeable than he realized and thinks that Jesse can harness the entity because he’s half good half evil.When Smith had a question for Ruth Negga, he started with how much he loves Tulip and how he’s so happy to see a strong female character –– maybe the strongest on TV yet. He went on to ask Negga if she was thrilled or hesitant when she say the script. “I find her so thrilling,” said Negga. “It’s joyous playing her…. I like the way she baits people who she shouldn’t.” Feels like there are not many people like her on TV and it’s a lot of fun.Joseph Gilgun, for his part, was an open book. Like, waaaaay open. Gilgun speaks without a filter and it’s both amazing and a little scary because you honestly have no idea what he’ll say next. When asked about how he got into acting, he explained, “My behavior was not good.” In essence, he was sent to an acting school as a sort of detention/probation and ended up getting a job. He went on to say that, because he was young, he had no idea how lucky he was. “Got into girls. Got into drugs which are ace, man. And it’s gotten me drug induced bi-polar!” Like I said. No filter. Love it.As for Graham McTavish, he was also familiar with the material when he got the script, having read it “over and over”. Like Cooper, he had the same case of nerves playing the character because of how much he loved the material. When he put on the coat and the hat, it felt like a really big thing.Kevin moved on to Ian Colletti, joking that he has the most enviable job on television. He wasn’t familiar with the comic but once he read the books he was desperate to do it. The Arseface makeup process takes 2 – 2 ½ hours and it helps him get lost in the role.Arseface also holds a very special place in Seth Rogen’s heart. He read us the email he sent to Sam Mendes asking if he could play the role when Sam was working on Preacher. It’s his favorite character.Rogen also mentioned some of he and Evan Goldberg’s cinematic influences for Preacher. It’s a hell of a list: Tarantino, Sergio Leone. The Big Lebowski. The Raid. Scorsese. A lot of old Kung Fu movies. Terrence Malick. Just t name a few.During the Q & A, Preacher fans weren’t above criticizing the show. One fan explained that, while he’s grateful for what they’ve done with the show, he really wasn’t happy with how they had Tulip take drugs and “drop her pants for Cassidy.” You could hear Hall H suck in a collective breath.“Self-destructiveness.” Negga’s answer was flawless. “I think that when you’re in a bad place emotionally, you return to what is familiar.” She also went on to say that and she likes that beat because it shows how vulnerable Tulip is.Rogen jumped in to add, “There’s nothing that says that, in order to show a strong female character you can’t have a flawed female character.”In answer to another question, Negga went on to talk about Tulip. “The thing about her is that she breaks my heart a bit.” She went on to discuss Tulip’s need to protect herself, but that she has moments where she tries to show kindness and she identifies with the underdog. Right now, she’s trying to figure out and her place in this world and she’s terrified because Jesse’s figuring out his place in life and she’s starting to have to deal with her her own issues.Tulip was definitely the hottest topic during the Q & A.The line of the panel goes to Kevin Smith, hands down. When a fan asked a question and used a Twinkie as a metaphor (you had to be there), Kevin Smith interjected, “Look attack their show if you must but lay off the Twinkies, man. F*cking Millenials.”last_img

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