Piano notes visualized for the first time look totally awesome

first_imgWe all know that sound is, simply put, vibrations traveling through the air. You can feel a sound if it is loud enough, or on a specific level. Generally, we can’t see sound, though trippy visualizers that dance around in tune with a sound are as common as they are mesmerizing. However, those visualizers aren’t usually an accurate visual representation of noise, whether or not they move in step with the sound. Thankfully for those of us who get lost in visualizers, artist Shannon Novak commissioned Cymascope to create visual representations of 12 different notes played on a piano.Cymascope says that capturing the visualizations was only possible using HD video, and it was difficult to capture the entire sequence of a piano key strike. The noise does not simply begin and then quickly end; there’s a plateau of sound that follows the strike, then a longer phase where sound slowly withers away.The team used an instrument sharing the same name — Cymascope — that is able to visualize sound. The tangible instrument produces a visual effect similar to dropping a pebble into water, thus creating concentric ripples. What’s neater than that, though, is that Cymascope created an applet that allows you to bang on some piano keys, and watch the resulting visualization right next to instrument as the noise plays. Check it out, but make sure you have a few minutes of downtime, because you’ll most likely get a little lost in the shapes and snap out of it sometime after you intended to initially stop.last_img

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