Ride your computer to work with the HAF X mini bike case

first_imgPeople are constantly making interesting, if slightly offbeat combinations of devices. For instance, spider silk and goat milk can make human skin bulletproof. Rene Grau’s combination isn’t as offbeat, but it’s arguably practical if you have a heavy PC rig to transport around. He managed to combine a CoolerMaster HAF X gaming computer with a gas-powered mini bike while managing to retain the ability to ride the bike.The computer isn’t just there for show. It’s a fully functional machine comprising an Intel Core i5 processor, 300GB SSD, and a 4GB GeForce GTX 460 graphics card. The bike is fully functional, too. It has a two-stroke engine and dual exhaust with speed peaking at around 40 mph with the heavy PC and driver on board. With a computer attached, it looks like an uncomfortable machine to ride as the handlebars are well below the top of the tower, but a difficult ride is better than tired arms carrying that case for miles.The video below shows the HAF X mod in action. There doesn’t appear to be a cushion, and the tower itself is less that ideal as a seat, especially as balance and weight shifting will be required too. So this is a setup purely for a local LAN party, not longer trips.It does take a good amount of technical know-how to make this combination work, but I don’t see many practical applications beyond transporting you rig for a gaming session at a friend’s house or local tournament. There’s also the fact it’s going to be a talking point wherever you ride it.via Technaboblast_img

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