Microsoft is developing a First Person Shooter for Kinect

first_imgOne thing that motion controllers have shown this gamer is they are great at attracting new gamers to a platform. I’m talking about those members of the family who usually just watch you play holding a controller looking a little confused. Now they get up and dance, jiggle, and look stupid while having fun and possibly getting a bit of exercise in the process.But while motion controls are great for such scenarios, they do little for the hardcore gamer more used to precision thumbstick control, memorisation of complex button combos, and hours spent trying to get that last achievement and/or perfect run.Microsoft may be attempting to change that thinking, however, by bringing an historically hardcore genre to Xbox 360 played using Kinect. Microsoft is developing a First Person Shooter (FPS) for use with its full-body motion controller.There has been no official announcement about this game yet, but the project has been outed by one Shawn Woods who works at a new Microsoft internal studio called Zipline Studios in Vancouver. His position is listed as art director/senior artist, and the information comes from his resume which has understandably now been removed from his site.Thankfully, someone over at NeoGAF grabbed the info before it disappeared. It states that Woods is art director and senior character artist at Zipline. The project being worked on has no name, but is a triple-A shooter targeted at “core gamers” played using Kinect.The project has been in development since February 2010, so we might see it this year or maybe early next. However, it may never work out as controlling an FPS with your body may prove too difficult to make playable and fun.Read more at NeoGAF, via Attack of the FanboyMatthew’s OpinionI can’t see how Microsoft aim to pull this off in the traditional sense of the FPS. The controls required to play such a game really don’t fit with motion control. Aiming can never be as accurate as a thumbstick, crouching would get tiring fast, and how do you handle peeking around corners?While I don’t doubt this is a real project, I suspect it will be very different from any FPS we have ever played before. It has to turn out more like Time Crisis than COD. Saying that, though, id Software did a great job getting an on-rails FPS to work on the iPhone, so Zipline could be going down that route.last_img

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