Steve Jobs says Apple doesnt track anyone but Google does

first_imgWe reported last week about the discovery that Apple has been tracking iPhone iOS 4 users since its release this past summer, and many, many people voiced their concerns about the privacy issue. Apple has remained quiet about the situation, until now.Still on sick leave, Steve Jobs broke Apple’s silence not to the press, but to a concerned Apple customer who wrote Jobs an email. The email came from a MacRumors reader who asked Jobs if he could explain why Apple felt it was necessary to have a tool embedded inside his iPhone that passively tracked him. He said having his exact location recorded at all times was “kind of unnerving,” and asked Jobs to “shed some light” on the issue before he switched on over to the Droid-side, since “they don’t track me.”Jobs responded shortly with a “Oh yes they do.” Jobs then went on to say that Apple doesn’t track anyone and that “the info circulating around is false.”The Apple CEO is right about one thing. Google does apparently track its smartphone locations as well, but it doesn’t store as many records as Apple does. Google only keeps 50 records stored and purges the rest of the data.Is Jobs playing safe by using such vague words? By using the word “track,” he can be referring to the fact that Apple doesn’t actually pull your data and watch where you’re going. The data submitted to Apple is apparently anonymous, so the company doesn’t actually have a way of tracking your exact location. It’s also been determined that the tracking uses cell towers, and not GPS, so that your location being recorded is not precise.It will be interesting to see how Apple responds to this issue as more government agencies are investigating the matter.Read more at MacRumorslast_img

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