Adobe breaks 1B in revenue despite the demise of Flash

first_imgIf you read Geek regularly, you know this has not been a particularly good year for Adobe, at least as far as PR is concerned. The year pretty much started with Steve Jobs declaring Flash to be a bane on computers everywhere, and it got worse from there: not only did smartphones and tablets (which don’t run Flash well, or at all) become the de rigeur devices of 2010, but device cross-compatible HTML5 has increasingly eaten away at Flash’s dominance when it comes to interactive content.In short, 2010 saw Flash Player transition from a thriving Adobe product to one that is on the way to being in its death throes. You might think, then, that Adobe didn’t have a particularly good financial year… but not so! Instead, Adobe had their best year ever.How well is Adobe doing? Gangbusters. This was the first year they pulled in over $1 billion in revenue, up over 33% over last year’s $757 million.To put this all in perspective, last year, Adobe posted a loss of $32 million, while this quarter alone, they earned $269 million.The secret to Adobe’s success? Basically every other product besides Flash. What an interesting year: not only did 2010 prove to most computer users that they can live without Flash, it even proved the same to Adobe, who had their best year ever even as Flash died.Read more at USA Todaylast_img

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