Is WiFi Radiation Killing Trees

first_imgLike trees? Then stop checking Facebook on your cell so much, tree-hater! Because according to one University’s study, we might not be able to have both.Recently, Wageningen University in the Netherlands was commissioned tostudy the rise in strange growths among trees in thecity of Alphen aan den Rijn. The reasearchers exposed 20 ash trees to various forms of radiation. And the ones exposed to wifi radiation seemed to be suffering some form of radiation poisoning including bleeding, fissures in bark, leaf death, and abnormal growth despite no detectable viruses or bacteria.Around 70% of urban-dwelling trees in the Netherlands seem to be showing signs of radiation poisening. This is up 10% from 2005.Before you throw your iPhone off a cliff, more research needs to be done. However, if a proven link between wifi radiation and adverse biological effects (on either man or tree), the ramifications will be a shockwave to the green-minded mobile revolution.pic viaAdChoices广告last_img

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