Did you know you can see these things from space

first_imgEVERYONE’S FAVOURITE ASTRONAUT Chris Hadfield has tweeted this image of Berlin as seen from the International Space Station, highlighting the east/west divide.The contrast is due to different lightbulbs used on either side of the city, due to different street lighting systems, and gas lamps still in use in parts of [email protected]_HadfieldCERN’s Hadron ColliderAccording to Commander Hadfield “Under that rock (in Geneva, Switzerland) is the incredible CERN particle accelerator”.The India/Pakistan borderThe border between the two countries is clearly illuminated by security floodlights. Image: NASAA thunderstorm An agricultural project in LibyaLas VegasSurrounded by desert, Las Vegas stands out.. Image: NASA/Wikimedia CommonsMt EtnaCommander Hadfield says:Our Earth is mostly liquid rock. We live on a thin crust, with occasional hot spots, like Mt. Etna.center_img The border of USA and MexicoThese man-made islands in Dubai All images @Cmdr_Hadfield unless otherwise indicated How fast is the internet in space? 8 things we learned from an astronaut’s son>New app stops you having sex with your cousin>13 high fives you’ll definitely want to be in on>last_img

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