Rain and Cold Sweep Morocco Today

Rabat – Rain and cold weather are making their comeback today in most of Morocco, says the National Meteorological Directorate.Clouds and stormy showers will sweep over Souss, Chiadma, Abda, Doukkala, southern High Atlas as well as the northern and southern provinces.In the afternoon, clouds will become dense with rain and thunderstorms on the north, the reliefs of the Atlas, the western plains, the east, the Mediterranean and the south-east slopes and will be moderate to strong on the north of the High Atlas and the Rif at night. Snowfall on the reliefs of the High and Middle Atlas will reach more than 1,600 m.Strong winds are forecasted on the northern and central plains, the east, the Saiss, the reliefs of the High and Middle Atlas and the southeast.Minimum temperatures will  range from -04 to 02 ° C on the reliefs of the Atlas, from 02 to 07 ° C on the Oriental, the Rif, the Saiss, the plateaus of phosphates and Oulmes and the southeast, from 07 to 12 ° C on the interior plains, the Mediterranean, Loukos, Gharb, Chaouia, the plains of Tadla, Rhamna and the northeastern provinces of the South and 12 to 16 ° C elsewhere.Maximum temperatures will be around 08 and 13 ° C on the reliefs of the Atlas and the plateaus of phosphates and Oulmes, 13 and 20 ° C on the north, the center, the interior plains, the Oriental, the Saiss, the southeastern slopes and the north of the southern provinces and between 20 and 25 ° C over the rest of the southern provinces.Mediterranean waters will be calm, while the coast of the Atlantic will be agitated.

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