9 amazing things to do on your sabbatical after graduation

first_imgThere is an altogether different world that unfurls itself once we are out of college. While for some of us, college life may end into fanciful and non-fanciful placements, for others exist a complete chaos of family expectations and an unstoppable urge to chase our dreams. It is a time when we can neither fall back on the options taken up by the college majority nor can we rely on others to make life decisions for us.From kindergarten to college, there was hardly any time to stop, pause, think and analyse what we exactly want to do in life. Amid all these chaos, it is important to understand that things take time to settle and in order for life to make a little sense, it’s absolutely fine to take a break after graduation and explore yourself in multiple dimensions.So if you’re planning to take a break for some months or a year before you can really decide what to do next, or to simply take a breather, here are 9 things you can do while you are on a sabbatical:1. Travel While all your life you have been going on vacations with your family, it’s time to step out and explore the world alone. It doesn’t require a lot of money. You can travel cheap by using public transport, eating local food and staying at hostels/dorms where you can also meet students/travellers from across the world and listen to their stories and experiences.2. Be a tourist in your own cityadvertisement You have seen your city while going to school, coming back from college, with friends, with family, but have you ever wondered what your own city could look like from the eyes of a tourist? Try to go out almost every day in and around your city, meet other travellers, talk to people! Who knows, you might end up becoming a tourist guide in your own city!3. Give time to your hobbies Relive your childhood days when you didn’t care about the outside world and spent time doing what you love. This could be the time of your life when you can learn new things and simultaneously teach what you already know. Provide tuitions, spend time with the unprivileged or maybe visit your own school and volunteer there for work once or twice a week.(READ: Want to pursue music as a career? Here are 7 jobs for music lovers) 4. Learn a foreign language This will not only help you build your skill set, but might also help you if you are planning to go abroad for your further studies or job later on.5. Learn computers It’s a digitised world and learning computers or computer languages will never go to waste. The highest number of employments take place for candidates with such skill sets. You will be entering a world of technology and technology is what our future is built on. There are many short term courses on software, hardware or programming you can choose from.6. Volunteer/intern in the remotest places Many organisations in India now offer food and accommodation in exchange for 4-5 hours of work every day. Some of them, in remote areas of the country, also offer a stipend on interning with them, the duration of which may range from 15 days to 3 months. The work nature could include teaching school kids  or helping in setting up solar panels in areas where there’s no electricity or perhaps dabble in a little organic farming or learn cooking local food. Such significant work!7. Learn adventure sports There are now many government-aided and privately run institutes in India that provide professional long and short term courses on adventure sports and activities such as hiking, mountaineering, camping, river rafting, canoeing, bungee jumping, rock climbing and so on. If this is what interests you, you could even become a coach or a trekker or an adventure sports organiser after a few years of learning and experience. 8. Create your own blog To become a blogger, all you need is a smart phone and a computer. Next time you go out of your home, click pictures of objects and subjects that interest you, talk to people, report their issues, bring those issues to the government officials by visiting their offices or on social media, get your friends involved, create a blog online (free of cost), write, publish, promote. Social media is your platform. Who knows, you might actually bring a change in someone’s life or in your own life by exploring this dimension of society and you!advertisementYou can also tie up with the food chains and fashion brands in your city and become a food and/or fashion blogger.(READ: Are you a food lover and want to make a career in this field? Check out these 5 options)9. Spend more time with your family Apart from your alone time, spend some quality time with your family. Plan vacations, throw birthday and anniversary parties on your own, assist your parents in their work, do new things with your grandparents, grow plants, get a pet, visit your relatives, party late night with your cousins and make memories you’ll never ever be able to make again.(Images: unsplash.com) Reach India Today Education team: Got a query or something exciting to tell us? Send an e-mail to [email protected] more updates on exams, notifications, jobs and careers, click here.Follow us on Facebook @ India Today Education.last_img

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