Teachers’ Day special: TV stars on who they had crush on

first_imgBe it the brain or brawn or the smile, children tend to fall for that one teacher in their school at least once in a lifetime. TV actors like Divyanka Tripathi, Mrunal Jain and Mohammad Nazim go down memory lane and recall their crushes.On the occasion of Teacher’s Day, which falls on September 5, IANS gets TV actors to reveal their crushes on their teachers:Mrunal Jain, Ankit Gera, Divyanka TripathiDivyanka Tripathi: I had a crush on my WWF trekking instructor. My then best friend and me used to fancy him together during our wildlife and nature trips with no cat fights between us. We loved his brains and brawn. We were bookworms then, so we loved talking about brainy guys. This crush saga lasted for a year. Even now, when my friend and me meet, we laugh over our madness.Mohammad Nazim: I had a crush on my history teacher in the sixth grade. She was tall and sexy. She used to teach the subject well. The crush lasted for seven months. After that, she quit the job. The memories still stay with me. I got a group photo with her at one of the school functions and I still treasure it.Mrunal Jain: My geography teacher. Her hair was always shampooed. She used to motivate me to study hard. I was in Class 9. She used to even encourage me to participate in extra-curricular activities. She was my class teacher too and had made me the monitor as well. The crush lasted for six months as she was transferred to another branch of the school.Samiksha Bhatnagar: I was in the seventh grade when I developed a crush on my PT teacher. He encouraged me to play sports. The crush was for only four months as he got replaced. I couldn’t meet him again. I still remember he was tall, dark and good-looking and had a good smile.Ssharad Malhotraa: I was in Class 4 and I had a crush on her for two years. I always used to ask her for help in making me draw. Her smile was like (actress) Madhuri Dixit’s. She was my drawing teacher for two years. She even used to get chocolates for me. I felt very happy when she told my mother at parents-teachers meet that I am a sincere boy.Ankit Gera: I had crush on my English teacher when I was in the 11th standard. She was the most beautiful teacher. I was like Shah Rukh Khan of “Main Hoon Na”. She used to wear saris and her height was 5 feet 8 inches. She wore a distinctive perfume and had long hair. I used to carry perfume and before she would enter my class, I used to apply it. I was a backbencher, but during her period, I used move to the front bench. On one of the Teacher’s Days, I wrote her a love letter without mentioning my name on it. I kept that in the staff room. My crush lasted for one year, but I will never forget her.Sahil Mehta: I was 11 years old when I first had a crush on a teacher. She taught me civics and was also my class teacher. I was never a good student. She was pretty for sure, but I also liked the fact that she never shouted at me for not doing well in studies. I was madly in love with her for a year. When I completed my schooling, I told her that I wanted to move to Mumbai and pursue acting. She was very happy for me.advertisementlast_img

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