Houses arranged for families of Bhavkhedi victims in Shivpuri city: Jyotiradtiya Scindia

first_imgFamilies of two Dalit children who were allegedly killed for defecating in the open in Bhavkhedi village in Shivpuri district would be moved into two houses in the city, Congress leader Jyotiradtiya Scindia has said.“I had promised them that I will leave the village only after settling them in Shivpuri,” Mr. Scindia told reporters. “For now, they have been moved into two temporary houses having a room, a kitchen and a courtyard each…Nothing can cure the deep wounds the family has suffered. But being people’s servants, the least we can do is bring them succour,” he said. The construction of permanent houses would at least take a month, Mr. Scindia told the family. “I am going to pay ₹5 – 5.5 lakh from my own pocket for it,” he added. Besides, he said, adult members of the family would be given employment, and children their education. “Both the families will start staying at the houses from tomorrow,” Mr. Scindia tweeted on Monday, after meeting the families.Two houses had been arranged for the families, he said, besides ensuring their adult members employment and children their education. The houses would be allotted to them under a government scheme, District Deputy Collector Manoj Garwal told The Hindu. “As for a job, we will have to see what kind of work they will be able to do. Most probably, it will be a daily wage job,” he said. Besides, Mr. Scindia on Monday wrote to Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath appealing to him to provide lifetime support to the families as they “belonged to the Dalit community” and were “poor”.Requesting assistance on humanitarian ground, he said both the families should be given 10 ‘bigha’ land each. Moreover, “immediate financial support of ₹50 lakh each for the affected families was important”.On September 25, as the two children were defecating in the open along a village road, two Yadav men struck lathis on their heads, killing them. They were later arrested.During an interaction with Mr. Scindia, the father of one of the victims pleaded with him for a house outside the village. “I am going mad here. I may consume poison. I want justice,” he said. The father of one of the victims had earlier told The Hindu the family had lived in fear since then and had decided to leave the village fearing intimidation by the family of the accused.“I don’t see people of my region on religious or caste lines. Only a cruel person could commit something like this… I cannot believe someone in my region could even think of doing something like this,” Mr. Scindia told the father.last_img

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