Wet weather (and even a tornado) Between the Rows

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest Zach Profit, Van Wert Co.Since last Monday we’ve had 7.5 inches of rain. Every day since then we have gotten a pretty good shot of rain and there is a 50% chance tomorrow and an 80% chance on Wednesday. We got hammered pretty good and then there was an EF0 tornado that went through about a quarter mile east of our farm. It almost wiped out a new house that I bought.I bought the house at 3 on Friday and signed the paperwork and at 6:55 that night a tornado went through the north side of the lot. It threw a branch at one side of the house but it didn’t really hurt much. There were a bunch of limbs down but it messed up some corn. The corn was flat. There was green snap but since we’d had all that rain, the wind just pushed most of the plants over.The corn has goosenecked and stood back up and it is looking better. Our neighbors took it a little harder than we did. Their corn was maybe shoulder high and after that it was maybe two feet tall. We had 5 or 6 acres of damage and maybe total there were 55 or 60 acres that got wind damage. I think there will be corn there but it may be kind of a bugger to combine this fall.An EF0 tornado cause damage in a small area, including the newly purchased Profit home with the red buildings.The National Weather Service was at my new house all day Saturday. Just two or three miles away it was barely windy enough to move the leaves. We didn’t have a tornado warning or severe storm warning or anything. It looked like it tap danced in our field. It moved northwest and most tornados move to the northeast. The whole low-pressure system we had last week was counter clockwise rotation. It was wild. We were lucky.In the wetter areas the beans are a little yellow. I think they will bounce back pretty quickly. Last week we were one more big rain away from having a mess and we never got that next big rain. The ditch banks never came out but they were full to the brim. If we’d have caught one more big rain the ditches would’ve been out and we’d still be getting rid of the water. Most of the surface water is gone and most of the outlets are running about half full.Wheat around here is standing good. There could be some disease pressure. We are wet right now, too wet to get a combine out there. If we don’t get more rain they could maybe get out there late this week.For the rest of this week’s reports, click here.last_img

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