Bodies of 4 fishermen found offshore Suriname

first_imgPiracy attack…as search intensifiesAs the search continues for the missing Guyanese fishermen who were robbed, injured and tossed overboard in Suriname, pilots of a private aircraft have confirmed that they saw at least four bodies off the coast of the Wai Wai bank, Suriname.Following the sighting, the pilots have since notified the Police of the coordinates and they have confirmed that search parties are already in the Wai Wai bank area and are waiting the change of the tide to move closer to the mountains.Surinamese officials have related that the bodies were sighted some 30 miles from where the attack took place and believe the others might be around the same area. On Saturday last, four boats were attacked by pirates in the Atlantic Ocean in the vicinity of Wia Wia, Suriname.A total of 16 fishermen were reportedly robbed, beaten and thrown overboard. At least three managed to swim to shore and reported the incident to Dutch law enforcement officials. The names of the missing men have not been officially released.However, Guyana Times was told that of the four bodies sighted, one is said to be that of Denish Persaud, also called “Vikie” of Guyana and “Raj” of Suriname. Persaud, a 28-year-old father of two, left in January for sea. He last spoke with his wife at about midnight on Friday. During the conversation, he told his wife that he was going to cook curried catfish. This publication was told that the boat was found with freshly cooked catfish in a container.According to his sister Yonette, she received information which also indicates that the owner of one of the four missing boats, found personal items belonging to Persaud including pieces of clothing, a damaged passport and his identification card.Persaud, who resided at Fort Ordinance, East Canje, was expected back home later this month for his birthday.Family members have expressed concern over the way the Surinamese employers dealt with the situation.“A cousin call and tell we that he begged the boss man if they can get a boat toAn aerial view of one of the bodies sightedsend out to look for he cousin but he say he boat nah good and he nah get none now… On Monday morning when we call back then he decide to send a boat… the boss man turn back the boat after some time and say he nah able search no more,” the distraught sister stated. She also said that her cousin also took a friend with him when he left in January. There has been no word on the whereabouts of Ralph Anthony Crouchman, 20, of Number Two Village Canje.However, another woman, Lisa Heralall of Annandale, East Coast Demerara claimed that her father, Bharrat Haralall was one of the men who are missing. She related that her father telephoned her on Wednesday last informing her that he was heading out to sea with Ramesh Sanicharran, also called “Ravo” and promised to let her know when he returns.The disturbed woman noted that her father would normally call her when he is going out to sea and every time he returns. Nevertheless, she noted that on Saturday, her husband received a telephone call informing him that Heralall was on one of the boats that was attacked.She immediately contacted her father’s reputed wife in Suriname only to confirm her worst fears. “She told me that 16 people were missing and that the Police are not releasing any information with respect to their search and rescue mission,” she noted.The distraught woman described the piracy attack as gruesome but remains hopeful that her father might still be alive somewhere.“I know to be optimistic at this time will be unfair… it has been since Saturday, and all I want is that if he is dead, to see his body… in that way, it will bring closure to the family,” she said in a solemn voice.Dangers to fisherfolkMeanwhile, the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) in a statement stated that it remains gravely concerned about the matter involving the fate of the 16 Guyanese fishermen.“This is a tragedy and we empathise with the families who continue to be in anguish given the state of affairs. The horror that reportedly unfolded once again highlights the danger that our country’s fisherfolk face every day to earn their livelihoods and to provide for their families”, the statement added.As such, the Party calls on the Government to make every effort and take urgent steps to ensure that the fishermen are found. In addition, the Party urged the Government to ensure that the families are kept informed of the efforts being made.“We hope for a swift resolution of the situation and that the families can be comforted during their time of distress,” the PPP added. (Bhisham Mohamed)last_img

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