Messengers of Peace, Volunteers in Action: Without Exemption

first_imgWho defines the standards for peace? It’s definitely not those who were perpetrators of conflicts, it is in, in reality the innocent bystanders and those severely affected by the conflicts. A violent person is a threat to his/her community and the attitude of if it’s not your fault it should not be your problem should not only be dropped by young people but should be renounced by all.Messengers of Peace (MOP)-Liberia condemns any form of violent demonstration. We see violent actions as erosions to gains in youth’s employment and empowerment programs as well as an attack on the Liberian investment and human security. There are so many benefits in peaceful negotiations. We believe in open dialogues and consultations in mediation and conflict resolutions. Without exemption, everyone should strive for a peaceful society.This week, we present a dynamic young teenager — Ms. Clinylon Nah. Talking of starting early, Clinylon is surely an inspiration to many young people of her cohort and she has a special message for all young people. The engagement as well as the aspirations of young people in volunteerism for peace is a powerful demonstration of solidarity in action to achieve our shared value in building a better Liberia.-Gwendolyn Myers, Executive Director, MOP-Liberia-Read on:My name is Clinylon Nah; I am 17-year-old student of the St Edward catholic school. I live in Logan Town, Monrovia.I was motivated to be a volunteer peace messenger because of the way I see my fellow young friend in Liberia being used by adults to carry out violent acts. These acts lead to the destruction of public and private properties. I see Messengers of Peace-Liberia, as an organization that has invested significant resources to enhance the leadership qualities of young people in peace advocacy. MOP-Liberia educates young and old people alike about peace-related activities.As a young peace messenger, I’ve been involved in many peace advocacy programs. Amongst which are mediation in conflict between my school mates, support peace education efforts and the ‘dollar-for-peace concert’ on the growth of 20 Peace Clubs to 50 in Liberia.In my school I am not only a peace messenger but also a health club member, who conducts health-related outreach programs in the school.The message I have for my fellow youths out there is don’t allow yourselves to be used like tools to carry out violence. Perpetrators of violence do not in any way help the growth and development of young people. We need our elders to provide quality education and sound pieces of advice to young people and not to use them to do destroy basic healthcare facilities and food security. All these are essential for harmony among us because we (young people) are the future for tomorrow.MOP-Liberia is helping me by strengthening my participation in peacebuilding. I want every young person to get involved. There should be no exemption.  Education for peace will help us acquire the value and knowledge to develop the knowledge, attitudes, behavior and skills that will enable us to live in harmony with ourselves and the world at-large.I want to encourage young people of Liberia to stay away from extreme behavior that will cause us hindrance in the future. Let us put on non-violent characters to save our country and the world. We have been used, long enough, as instruments of violence by some greedy and selfish people who have no interest in developing us for the future. We can, and must create the path to peace. Let us join hands with well-meaning organizations in the advocacy of non-violence approach. Let us use the spirit of volunteerism to obtain our goal to see Liberia a better and peaceful place to live.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img

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