Scientists Have Determined What The Sexiest Dance Moves Really Are

first_imgOne of the great joys of music is how closely it connects with the movement areas of our brain. With such a deep rooted connection between music and dance, it’s only fair to ask the question: How should I be dancing?Fortunately, British scientists put their minds to answering the question, and came up with a unique study. The group filmed 39 different women dancing, and converted their movements into an avatar animated simulation video. These videos were then shown to 57 men and 143 women, and each individual was asked to rate the 39 avatar videos.The study ultimately concluded that there are three important characteristics: great hip swinging, asymmetric thigh movements, and slightly less asymmetrical arm movements. Here’s the video that was most highly rated in the study.Of course, this experimental setup contains many flaws. For one, all of the participants were heterosexual, and they all hail from a specifically Western culture. However, the conclusions are still valid within their experiment, and lead author Dr. Nick Neave said, “we suspect that they all form honest cues to reproductive potential, health, and personality.”Just for fun, you can see the lowest rated video below.When it comes down to it, though, we’re happy with you dancing however you want to dance. If you’re feeling the music, who’s to tell you what to do![H/T IFLScience]last_img

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