Father John Misty Protests ‘Bullshit’ North Carolina Law By Donating Concert Proceeds

first_imgWith the controversial HB-2 bill passed into North Carolina law, musicians everywhere are taking a stand against the state’s discriminatory tactics. Major artists like Bruce Springsteen and Pearl Jam have already canceled concerts in the state, while others like Mumford & Sons have announced plans to donate funds from NC performances to local LGBTQ organizations.Today, Father John Misty adds his name to those speaking out against this injustice. Misty spoke with Rolling Stone about his scheduled April 27th show at the Fillmore in Charlotte, NC, calling the new law “obviously bullshit” in the interview.“The bill is obviously bullshit,” he said. “[If] I thought playing a show for my fans in North Carolina was in any way some tacit endorsement of this fearful, petty, ignorant nonsense, I wouldn’t. I also play states that have oppressive drug laws designed to imprison the disenfranchised, rig elections, deny women their dignity, defend the reckless and insane practice of selling guns and sustain a permanent underclass with hypocritical, opportunist readings of archaic documents written by land-stealers who never intended political privilege to extend past their buddies.”He continued, saying, “These are obviously all huge systemic problems, nut for me, this show represents a start in investing in the plight of other Americans.”Instead of cancelling his show, Father John Misty has announced plans to donate funds to Time Out Youth, a LGBT support center based out of Charlotte. You can read more about this group and donate to them, here.[Via Rolling Stone]last_img

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